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Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 21, Kindergarten, taxes, haircuts and more rocket bling

Sarah had her training course again today, so she dropped Zoe around to me to take to Kindergarten. She apparently had a disrupted night's sleep and was a bit emotional this morning. She wasn't cooperative, so we ended up having to drive to Kindergarten instead of take the bike.

Drop off itself went pretty well. She just wanted to sit in a teacher's lap, and was otherwise fine.

I'm still working through the long tail of document collation for my tax return. I spent most of the day sorting through poorly filed papers. I ended up refiling a bunch of them.

I biked to Kindergarten for pickup. My preferred route seems to take me about 13 minutes, door to door. Zoe was still napping today, but woke up pretty well.

The hairdresser I take Zoe to does free fringe trims in between haircuts, so we dropped in there on the way home to get a fringe trim. They have a little fenced off children's play area in the corner, and she always likes to have a play. We probably spent 15 minutes there after the fringe trim. I had to use some creative imaginative play to encourage her to leave (Cowie called to ask her to come home and give her a cuddle). Before she left, she had to pack all her toys away again, which I was very impressed by.

Once we got home, I was able to use the box rocket as a TV diversion again, and we made a steering wheel for it, and she put more bling on the outside, and also used some water colours to paint it. The water colours didn't work terribly well on the cardboard.

After that, we drilled the hole in the base for the second clothes line I made and glued the pole into it, and then Zoe watched a little bit of TV. Sarah finished her course early today. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend to get here and we're going to hang out with my cousin who is having round four of chemotherapy today, and drive her home afterwards.

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Day 20, Kindergarten, rocket building

Today was another Kindergarten day. Zoe was complaining about being sweaty before we even left the house this morning, so I gave her the choice of going by car or by bike, and she chose car, which was fine by me. It's been stinking hot the last few days. Summer is going out with a bang.

Drop off went pretty smoothly. It was another morning where she was happy to have me hang out with her for a little bit, and then I was allowed to leave without any issues.

I decided to use this Monday as a Debian day as planned. I mostly ran into a snag with my email setup, but I did manage to do some bug triage and upload one package.

It had been hot all day, and I was feeling sapped by it, so I picked up Zoe in the car as well. I was surprised to find she wasn't asleep and hadn't had a nap at all. She seemed in good spirits despite this. Megan's Dad has quit his job, so I don't need to pick her up any more on Mondays and Wednesdays. We dropped by the post office to check my PO box on the way home. Zoe enjoyed peering through the mailbox into the post office.

Today's TV diversion was to build a rocket ship out of one of the big moving boxes I've kept aside from the move back. Zoe had great fun blinging up the inside and outside with various craft "gems", and drew a bunch of aliens on the outside. I could have quite easily strung this out until Sarah arrived to pick her up, but I let her watch a little bit of TV right at the end.

It was a pretty good afternoon. I liked how Zoe ran with the rocket ship idea and added her own embellishments all by herself.

After Sarah picked up Zoe I went for a run. I'd intended to do 10km, but the heat took it out of me, and I lacked the willpower, so I stopped at 5km. After that I had the sweatiest yoga class yet.

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