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Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 17, Dentist, Goldie Blox, Yum Cha and more Kinetic Sand

Today was another busy day. Zoe had a check up at her dentist first thing this morning. This dentist was such a good find, and although it's a trek (it's over an hour round trip for a 15 minute appointment) I think it's well worth it to instill a positive view of dentists into Zoe, and it's all covered by insurance, so really the only expense is time and petrol.

After we got home, Zoe was a bit sick of being in the car, and wanted to watch TV. I'm trying to restrict TV to just the late afternoon, while I'm preparing dinner, so I thought this was a good opportunity to break out the Goldie Blox set that I haven't introduced her to yet.

That went pretty well, but Mum and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa) arrived early for lunch, so we didn't finish working our way through the book. I think it was more of a hit than Robot Turtles is at the moment.

We all jumped in the car, and drove down to Bulimba, and caught the cross river ferry over to the CityGlider bus and had Yum Cha for lunch. That went pretty well, and we returned the same way.

Zoe had a little play in the park at Bulimba with her grandparents while I popped over to the florist, and then we came home and Zoe gave them a demonstration of the kinetic sand and then Grandma and Grandpa went home and I managed to convince Zoe to take a late nap.

We didn't get much of an opportunity for something Science Friday-related today, with all of the other activities. Zoe didn't wake up from her nap until close to 5pm, just after my girlfriend arrived for dinner. Zoe watched a bit of TV and then the three of us walked down to collect pizza for dinner, and that was pretty much how the evening ended. I let Zoe stay up a little bit later, because she'd napped so late.

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