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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Day 14, Kindergarten and a make up swim class

Zoe woke up pretty early today, at around 5:30am. I also officially became a Xoogler at some point overnight. I used this transition as the opportunity to move from my Nexus 4 to my Nexus 5, so I could have a clean start on a phone that had never had work credentials on it.

I started that process before breakfast, and mostly had a usable phone by the time we biked to Kindergarten. Zoe was a bit more like her usual clingy self at drop off today, so I spent a bit longer getting her settled.

I got home and pretty much spent the rest of the day sorting out my phone. I can say many good things about Android, but seamless device migration isn't one of them. I'll probably factory reset my Nexus 4 tomorrow.

I biked back to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe, and sure enough, she was fast asleep again. It turned out that she'd gone down about 30 minutes later today, so she was deeply asleep, and didn't take too kindly to being woken up. She was very sad, and it took forever just to leave the Kindergarten. We were well and truly the last ones out.

Then she saw Megan having a trial tennis lesson at the tennis courts on the way to the bike, and wanted to do that too, and we burned some more time, while I tried to talk her out of that.

Zoe had a make up swim class today to cover the one she'd missed on Saturday when she went down to Canberra with Sarah. That was at 3:15pm. We were a tad late for it.

Weekday swim classes are much quieter than the weekend ones, so I used the opportunity to talk to one of the swim school staff about progressing Zoe to the next level. They conducted an assessment on the spot, and graduated her! She's moving from "Platypus" to "Octopus", starting next week. The class time options were pretty crappy though, something like 11:45am on Saturday, or a late afternoon weekday. We've opted for a weekday class after Kindergarten for the rest of this quarter and will try and get an earlier Saturday class next quarter. There's a reasonable gap between the end of Kindergarten and the start of swim class, so I'll have to figure out how best to use that time. I might make our library visit in between, even though it means a bit of back and forth. The upside is Saturday mornings are now wide open.

We had a celebratory ice cream when we got home from swim class, and went out for a babyccino after dinner. I think it's important to celebrate achievements.

I managed to get Zoe to bed slightly early tonight in light of her reduced nap time, but she just woke up briefly at 10:30pm. She seems to be particularly sensitive to mosquitoes, and has a bite on her forehead, right at the hairline, and it was giving her some grief. I gave her some antihistamine and she's gone back to bed fairly easily. Fingers crossed she sleeps okay for the rest of the night.

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