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Wednesday, 05 February 2014

Day 9, Kindergarten and cleaning

Another busy day today.

I saw my girlfriend off in the morning, and then got stuck into cleaning the bathrooms. I ducked out to Jaycar to have another attempt at getting components.

Got home, did some more cleaning, and had my chiropractic adjustment.

Then I had my exit interview for work via video conference, and did some administrivia while I still had my work computer.

Then the guy from Pack & Send came to take all the work equipment away. Now I feel very disconnected.

Had some lunch, did more cleaning. Mum and Dad came around to go with me for pick up today, so they could see the new Kindergarten.

Zoe was again fast asleep at pick up, and the kids who were awake were all in the other room eating birthday cake, so we let Zoe wake up as gently as possible and then collected Megan and squeezed everyone into the car and headed home.

Zoe and Megan had a great time playing with each other again, and Megan's Dad picked her up at about 4:30pm and I started on dinner.

We all had dinner and then Mum and Dad headed off, and I gave Zoe a bath and put her to bed. She was a bit emotional at bedtime, so it took a while to get her settled. Here's hoping she sleeps okay tonight.

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