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Tuesday, 04 February 2014

Day 8, another Kindergarten day

Yesterday was pretty crazy busy. I woke up a little bit late because I didn't have Zoe, and decided to head down to Jaycar to grab some components and other bits and pieces for my little spontaneous electronics project.

I got home from Jaycar and fiddled around for a bit, and then biked down to Bulimba to get a ferry across to a bus so I could get into the city for lunch with my accountant.

I ate my fill of sashimi while discussing the best corporate structure for my endeavours this year.

Lunch ran a bit long, and it was going to be tight trying to bus it back to the ferry to retrieve my bike, so I decided to cab it back to Bulimba. I retrieved my bike and raced home and jumped in the car. It was just going to be too tight to bike over there.

It probably worked out for the best, because I got to the Kindergarten and Zoe was fast asleep still. She took quite a lot of effort to wake. I think they'd only got her down for a nap not long before. I eventually roused her, but she was very groggy and a little bit sad about the whole thing. I think she would have been a sad panda if she'd had to then get on the bike.

I asked her if she wanted to make some play dough or go swimming when we got home, and she chose swimming. I asked her if she wanted to bike or drive, and she wanted to drive. We took the new pool noodle that I picked up the other week and headed down to Colmslie Pool

The pool was pretty busy with a lot of after school swim squads, but there was still enough room for Zoe to play around. Her sinkies were very popular and were "borrowed" extensively, and she really enjoyed riding the pool noodle like a horse.

We got home and Sarah was waiting to pick up Zoe and I headed off for a massage, and then my girlfriend came over for dinner.

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