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September 2013
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Wednesday, 04 September 2013

Six years without Joshua

I think of Joshua often, and wonder how life might be different were he with us today. The long day of his delivery is one of the most poignant memories that I will carry with me forever.

This year is the first year I've been back in Australia for Father's Day. Father's Day in the US is in June, so it's never really been the constant reminder that it will be back here (although I guess it'll vary year to year). The US Labor Day long weekend tended to be the trigger holiday for me.

It's also the first year I've been separated, so this Father's Day was particularly difficult for me, but I found I enjoyed the day with Zoe all the more for it.

Now that I'm no longer in the US, I miss seeing Eric and Katie's daughter, as she was my physical yardstick of how big Joshua would be today.

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