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Monday, 17 June 2013

City2South run report

Yesterday I ran in the City2South. It was a beautiful day for it, and I really enjoyed the run. Thanks to generous support of my donors, I raised $252 for the Heart Foundation.

My official time was 1:20:41, which I'm really happy with. I'd only ever run 14km on the preceding Tuesday, and I ran that in 1:32:57, so to do this run 12 minutes faster, on a completely different course felt like quite the accomplishment. I also ran personal best times for 5K and 10K. It's hard to believe that the guy who came first ran it in 44 minutes.

the course was really nice, except for running up Highgate Hill at kilometre 12. That was a bit harsh, but I managed to run all the way up it, nonetheless. It only hit me this afternoon when I was replaying the course in my mind just how far I ran. My normal 10K course doesn't feel all that long because it loops back on itself a lot, so it's deceptive how much ground I cover.

From a technical perspective, the race was done very well. I liked that they had a Facebook app that in real time posted updates when I crossed the start, 5K, 10K and finish lines, and the official results were online by the time I got home. That said, as I write, the website is throwing all sorts of errors when I try to download my official finishing certificate, or see my photos and finish line video.

All things considered, it was a pretty nice way to spend a Sunday morning. I was up at 5am to be on the 5:44am ferry from Hawthorne, and back home again by 10am.

I'm very keen to try running a half marathon now, but my next run is the 10km Bridge to Brisbane in September. That one will be more interesting because presumably it involves running up the Gateway Bridge, and I'll be pushing Zoe in a jogging stroller. I'm not expecting any personal best times for that one.

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