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Saturday, 08 September 2012

Everything I know about making pizza I learned from Daniel Kotler

According to my Amazon purchase history, it was Sunday, October 11, 2009, that we were lazing around with our friends Dan and Sue and we decided we'd just hang out and watch the first season of Dollhouse. I bought the whole thing on Amazon's Video on Demand, and we started watching episodes.

It got close to dinner time, and Dan was going through a home made pizza phase at the time, and we thought about making some pizzas. I wasn't sure if we had all the ingredients in the house, but it went something like this:

Dan: Got flour?

Me: Yes

Dan: Yeast?

Me: Yes

Me: Oh, and we've got a big bag of grated mozzarella from Costco. And we have a pizza stone and a peel, and a bunch of random stuff we can throw on a pizza.

So we totally ninja-ed up some pizzas from stuff we had lying around the house. It was awesome because it was totally spontaneous. You couldn't have planned it better, and we pulled it off brilliantly without having the leave the house.

Anyway, Dan had to calculate the ratios of water, flour, salt and sugar, and he wrote them all down on the magnetic whiteboard we kept on our fridge.

Fast forward almost 3 years later, and we've moved to our new home, and have a stainless steel fridge that we haven't been able to put this whiteboard on, so it got stashed away in a cupboard. The pizza dough recipe is still written on it, though.

So with Sarah away, Bill and Victoria are coming around for dinner tonight to hang out, and I thought trying to make pizza again might be a fun experiment.

So I dug out the whiteboard with the trusty recipe, and Zoe and I made some dough this morning, and it's currently proofing in the oven.

Unfortunately the whiteboard only had the quantities and not the method on it, and from perusing other recipes on the Internet, I may not have mixed things properly (I just kind of threw things together and made it into a ball), so this first batch might be a total disaster. I might go and make a second batch while Zoe's napping.

Here's the contents of the whiteboard, for posterity (I'm hoping it says 10g of salt and not 18g, not that I think it'll affect the outcome too much):

Daniel Kotler's pizza dough recipe

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