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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More research into the Boxee Box

I received a few emails from my blog post about my MythTV dilemma.

Suggestions ranged from using VGA to DVI to HDMI adapters, to getting different TVs that still have VGA connectors, to getting an older NVIDIA card off eBay that has lower power requirements.

Firstly, VGA is dead. It's time to make the move. I don't think VGA for a TV the size I'm looking at is ideal for HD anyway. I'm pretty much fixated on the Sony TV as well, because I want to get Google TV. So I need HDMI.

Similarly, I suspect that the picture quality of something run through a VGA to HDMI conversion will be similarly shite, so I'm not too keen on that option, although it would tide me over initially, so I'll look into that further.

Another suggestion was the fit-PC2, which was something I was already aware of, but I'd heard terrible things about the general Linux support for the graphics adapter.

I did some more research into the Boxee Box, (it really is new, it's only been out for 6 days) and it appears to have the same video chipset as the fit-PC2, which seems rather unfortunate. But then, if the Boxee Box is running Linux, then they've obviously got a driver, so the question is how easy is it to transplant this driver from the Boxee distro to, say, Debian?

I'm curious enough to place an order soon. Anyone got any interesting Poulsbo-on-Linux war stories they want to share? I know it makes Matthew Garrett sad.

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