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Sunday, 22 August 2010

On the Australian Federal Election results

Well this is all a bit exciting, isn't it?

No seriously, it's pretty busted. A hung Parliament is going to be next to useless, and I predict another election in the near future. It's interesting that if a minority government can't be formed in some reasonable time frame, then it's back to the polls again. I'm not sure if that means a double dissolution (I'd hope it would, as I can't see how voting again so soon is really going to make a significant difference to the outcome).

It looks like my vote was a bit of a waste: The Secular Party candidate so far has mustered just under 2% of the vote. It looks like Fraser will remain a safe Labor seat. Trying to interpret Senate results always makes my head hurt.

I'm happy to see the swing towards The Greens, and that they're now going to be the force to be reckoned with in the Senate. I will be interesting to see how the minority government thing plays out.

I have to disagree with Russell Coker's assertion that refusal of how-to-vote cards at a polling place is an indicator of an informal vote.

I've refused how-to-vote cards for every election I've voted in (I think). I've never voted informally. I've just made up my mind how I was going to vote before I got there.

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