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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cleaning up from 20 years ago

I'm a terrible hoarder. I hang onto old stuff because I think it might be fun to have a look at again later, when I've got nothing to do. The problem is, I never have nothing to do, or when I do, I never think to go through the stuff I've hoarded. As time goes by, the technology becomes more and more obsolete to the point where it becomes impractical to look at it.

Today's example: the 3.5" floppy disk. I've got a disk holder thingy with floppies in it dating back to the mid-nineties and earlier. Stuff from high school, which I thought might be a good for a giggle to look at again some time.

In the spirit of recording stuff before I throw it out, I present the floppy disks I'm immediately tossing out.

MS-DOS 6.2 and 6.22
Ah the DOS days. I remember excitedly looking forward to new versions of MS-DOS to see what new features they brought. I remember DOS 5.0 being the revolutionary one. The dir command grew a ton of options.
More from the DOS days, when file management was such a pain in the arse that there was a business model to do it better. ytree seems like a fairly good looking clone of it for Linux.
WinZip for Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 3.1
Ha. I actually paid money for an official WinZip floppy disk.
Nissan Maxima Electronic Brochure
I'm amazed this fit on a floppy disk
Turbo Pascal 6.0
Excluding GW-BASIC, this was the first "real" language I dabbled in. I learned it in Information Processing & Technology in grades 11 and 12. I never got into the OO stuff that version 6.0 was particularly geared towards.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Awesome educational game. I was first introduced to this on the Apple ][, and loved it. This deserves being resurrected for a console.
Captain Comic II
Good sequel to the original, but I never found a version that worked properly (I could never convince it to let me finish it)
Ah, Hard Disk Menu. A necessity from the DOS days when booting up to a C:\> prompt just really didn't cut it. I used to love customising this thing.
Of course, you needed a bazillion different decompression programs back in the days of file trading. I guess things haven't changed much with Linux. There's gzip, bzip2, 7zip, etc.
I wasted so many hours playing this. The ending was so hard.
This was some locally produced software from Brisbane, written in Turbo Pascal (I think). It was a good introduction to SQL, I used it in high school and my first stab at University.
Classics. I don't seem to have media for it any more, but I also enjoyed playing Heretic and Hexen. Oooh, Hexen has been ported to Linux? Must check that out...
SimCity 2000
I wasn't a big fan of this game, but I liked the isometric view that 2000 had, compared to the previous version.

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