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Saturday, 06 March 2010

Bits from the ISC DHCP maintainer

It's been a while since I made an upload of anything DHCP-related, so I thought a general update was deserved.

The lovely test infrastructure that I built had to be cannibalised to stand in for some other hardware that failed on me, so that prevented me from being able to test as easily. Add to that, the distractions of moving house, and I just haven't had the time to do any work on the DHCP 4.1 packaging.

That said, I haven't been completely idle. I've been pressing the ISC DHCP developers to incorporate the LDAP patch, which is extremely popular in some quarters. At the same time, I was able to flush the author of the LDAP patch (he'd seemed to have disappeared) and connected the two parties together. Hopefully we'll see something in 4.2

Today, I updated the 4.1 packages in experimental to 4.1.1, which includes a reintroduced LDAP patch. I think if there's no unfavourable feedback, I'll look at uploading this to unstable in the next month or so, and the great transition to DHCP 4 can commence (assuming the release time is cool with this).

If I could just figure out how to do bridged networking with KVM and still use NetworkManager for my WiFi, I could probably set up a similar test environment to what I had before, on my laptop...

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Kitchen update

The kitchen renovations are slooowly progressing. Running away to New York for a week certainly helped.

The cabinets arrived on Monday, and our contractor started installation on Wednesday. Templating for the counter tops is supposed to happen on Monday, and then it apparently takes a couple of weeks for the stone to get cut to size. So much for this whole thing only taking a couple of weeks :-(

I expect the overhead cabinets can be installed once the templating is done (that's something I need to check with the contractor today).

It's very exciting to see the kitchen start to take shape. I'm dying to be able to actually use it.

Photos of the progress so far are here

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How to check the status of a dinstall run remotely

I had this vague recollection of it being possible to do so, but I think Joerg's blog post has a poor page rank, so this is my attempt to give it a little boost.

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