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Wednesday, 04 November 2009

On developing Lucid

I was very pleased to see that for the next Long Term Support version of Ubuntu, it's going to be syncing with Debian Testing instead of Debian Unstable.

This was something I brought up in a discussion at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Barcelona. I always found it somewhat silly that from a development standpoint, an LTS version of Ubuntu was created no differently from a non-LTS version. It still synced from Debian Unstable, it still stabilised over the same 6 month period. They just toned back the release goals so it wasn't quite so full of new, crazy stuff. A high-quality, long-term supportable Linux distribution this does not necessarily make.

As Steve points out, the downside of this new approach is that bug fixes will take longer to appear in Debian Testing, and thus in Ubuntu. I'll be watching how this development cycle pans out with much interest.

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