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September 2009
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Friday, 04 September 2009

Two years later

It feels totally surreal that 2 years ago today, we lost our baby.

The point is really driven home when we see friends kids who are of a similar age to what Joshua would be, and they're these walking (running), talking toddlers. It's hard to imagine that we too could be running around after a boy of that size by now.

Two years feels like an absolute eternity.

We're going to make a little getaway to the B&B we retreated to for Joshua's due date and just spend some quiet time together.

September used to be my favourite month of the year. Every September school holidays we'd go to a beach house that we had in the family at Palm Beach, and I'd always associate September with two weeks of sun and sand.

Now September is littered with painful memories of days when things that shouldn't have ever happened did, and days where things that should have happened didn't.

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