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Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I recently learned of PyMetrics existence via 10 Ways To Let People Know You're A Bad Python Programmer

I've yet to run it on any of my Python code to figure out how bad a Python programmer am I, but I was surprised to discover it was absent from Debian, so I fixed that.

In writing this post, I just realised that I unnecessarily made it an architecture-dependent package, when it doesn't need to be. Better go fix that.

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Sunday, 06 September 2009

RSS feed of RC bugs?

Stefano Zacchiroli's post about fixing an RC bug a day got me thinking. In my Google Reader, I already have the feed of new Debian packages (which was incidentally the highlight of Debian Weekly News for me, and now that I found this feed, I miss its now infrequent publications a whole lot less). What I'd really like to compliment this, is a daily feed of new release critical bugs opened or elevated to release critical status. Then, in my copious amounts of spare time, if I got the urge when an appropriate RC bug went by, I might be more inclined to try and do something about it.

Does such a feed already exist somewhere?

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ISC DHCP 4.1.0 available in experimental (call for testing)

I finalised the initial upload of the ISC DHCP 4.1.0 packages a couple of days ago, and it sat in NEW, because I've renamed the source package (no more dhcp3). Today it was ACCEPTed into experimental. (Kudos to the ftp-team for their quick processing of NEW)

It should deal with upgrading from dhcp3-client or dhcp3-server to the newly-named equivalents, at least for the common cases. The rest will come out in the wash (which is why it's in experimental).

Thanks also to AJ for letting me NMU ifupdown twice to sort out some problems with the way it invokes /sbin/dhclient (thinking it's the v2 client) as opposed to /sbin/dhclient3.

I think the criteria for uploading to unstable will be:

  • no egregiously bad issues uncovered by testing in experimental
  • the LDAP patch for the DHCP server is sorted out
  • bugs are filed, where needed, for consumers of the DHCP client to do the right thing (invoke it correctly as /sbin/dhclient instead of /sbin/dhclient3)

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Friday, 04 September 2009

Two years later

It feels totally surreal that 2 years ago today, we lost our baby.

The point is really driven home when we see friends kids who are of a similar age to what Joshua would be, and they're these walking (running), talking toddlers. It's hard to imagine that we too could be running around after a boy of that size by now.

Two years feels like an absolute eternity.

We're going to make a little getaway to the B&B we retreated to for Joshua's due date and just spend some quiet time together.

September used to be my favourite month of the year. Every September school holidays we'd go to a beach house that we had in the family at Palm Beach, and I'd always associate September with two weeks of sun and sand.

Now September is littered with painful memories of days when things that shouldn't have ever happened did, and days where things that should have happened didn't.

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