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Friday, 07 August 2009

On Squeeze's release goals

I'm very excited by the recent announcement of the release goals for Squeeze.

Specifically multiarch. I didn't realise large file support was still an issue, nor IPv6. It's mainly multiarch that I'm jumping up and down about.

Multiarch is something that Debian has been lacking for so long, and is a necessary bridge to full 64-bit userland.

We switched from i386 to amd64 at work with Ubuntu 8.04, and it certainly hasn't been all beer and skittles. The ia32-libs package, which is a gross hack, is very necessary. Flash is still problematic. Multiarch won't fix everything, but it should put Debian on a more level playing field with the likes of Red Hat. Does SuSE do multiarch?

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It's nice to be appreciated

I've been a volunteer sysadmin for Linux Australia since some time after linux.conf.au 2005

My enthusiasm (and therefore output) has waxed and waned over this time period, but to my totally unexpected delight, on System Administrator Appreciation Day this year I received a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate.

So that was nice. Now I'll just have to work on my motivation...

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