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Wednesday, 04 February 2009

PlayOn. Coming soon to the Wii, but you need Windows?

I just learned about PlayOn, which allows you to watch Netflix and Hulu content on various game consoles, with support for the Wii coming in early 2009.

This all sounded good, but it seems that it relies on a Windows PC to stream the crap to the game console, it doesn't allow the game console to do it all itself. As I don't have a Windows PC in the house (at least not one that's always running Windows, Sarah can reboot her Mac into Windows if the need arises) this is of little use to me. No sale.

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Finding security update notices

Me, I'd go to security.ubuntu.com, because I think I can (successfully) go to security.debian.org to get the functional equivalent. But no, that gives me nothing useful. Apparently one has to go to the less intuitively named www.ubuntu.com/usn

I'll have to see if I can get the former to redirect to the latter.


www.ubuntu.com/security is slightly more intuitive and does what you'd expect.

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