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Saturday, 17 January 2009

USB power switch, part 2

Continuing with my mission to control the power to some dumb USB-powered lights...

Dann Frazier confirmed my theory that a USB hub would indeed do the job. I'd already found the hub-ctrl.c program he mentioned, but couldn't get it to work with my built-in USB ports of my laptop.

It seems it all depends on whether the hub will support per-port power switching or not. (lsusb -v will tell you).

So off to the mighty institution that is Fry's Electronics I went.

The first two attempts failed, as did a borrowed hub. It seems most (at least the cheap one) use a Genesys Logic chipset, which does not support per-port power control. Fortunately I chose products that weren't in blister packs, so I was able to return them to Fry's in as-new condition and try again.

Now that I knew USB hubs would do the trick, I did some more targeted searching, and found this thread where someone had been messing around with hubs to do what sounded like what I wanted. (Incidentally, this email in the thread also provided a nice looking Python program. I'm going to look at refitting it to use the "real" Python USB module.)

I emailed the poster to ask him what brand of hub he was using. The answer was the Linksys 4-port hub

So I managed to track down one of them last night. Yes, it works, but the downside is the hub itself requires external power, which is a bit unfortunate. Not only do I need to use a hub to make these lights software controllable, I have to plug the hub into a power outlet. Bleh.

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