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December 2008
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Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Civic Musical Road and Other Adventures

It's not a holiday without a road trip, especially with petrol prices being lower now than they were three years ago when we arrived here.

So we headed off on Christmas Day for San Simeon, with the general plan to tour Hearst Castle on Boxing Day (which isn't a public holiday in the US, but is a company holiday), and then head to Thousand Oaks, to visit a friend of Sarah's who also had heart surgery this year, and then head home.

We'd hatched this plan a few months ago, and afterwards, saw a news piece on the "Civic Musical Road", and when we discovered it wasn't too far from Thousand Oaks in the grand scheme of things, we decided to throw that on the itinerary as well.

I found a five-part "making of" documentary on YouTube, along with what I presume is the original commercial, and of course, we had to record the experience.

Making of, part 1

Making of, part 2

Making of, part 3

Making of, part 4

Making of, part 5

Presumably the final commercial

Our experience (on the relocated version)

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