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November 2008
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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sprained ankle, part 2

My ankle still isn't quite right since I sprained it back at the end of August.

It still looks more swollen compared to my other foot, gets stiff when elevated, and my foot doesn't have the same range of movement as my left one.

I trundled off to a podiatrist yesterday, and he had a poke around, and then looked at it under a fluoroscope while he torqued my ankle.

Based on that, it looks like I have a anterior talofibular ligament instability. When he torqued my ankle in one direction, there was a 1.5cm gap between the bones of my foot where there should have been about a 0.5cm gap. This ligament's position certainly corresponds with where there's still some swelling, so it makes sense.

I've got some (utterly boring) exercises to do, and I have to go back and see him again in 5 weeks. He said surgery may be necessary to fix it, as left uncorrected, I could have a bad time with arthritis in my 50's, and there'd be not a lot that could be done about it at that stage.

So we went out and bought a balance board last night, and I'll be spending the small amount of time I watch TV standing on one leg.

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