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August 2008
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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sprained ankle

I was playing racquet ball with Kendall yesterday, and I was running backwards, towards the front wall to try and get behind the ball, and my right ankle rolled underneath me as I was putting my right foot down.

There was a really nasty internal crunching sound, and it hurt like hell, so I thought that maybe I'd broken it. I was able to walk home from the Club, so I figured it wasn't broken, but the swelling was pretty bad.

Several hours later at Urgent Care, they confirmed with an x-ray that it wasn't broken, so it's now strapped up and in an ankle brace. I have to keep off it for 10 days.

I seem to have pretty bad ankles in terms of rolling. I quite often stop myself from stepping down on my foot when the ankle's rolled inwards slightly. Back in May I rolled my left ankle a bit, just crossing the street, and it's still sore.

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