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Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Viva la fortnight!

I'm slowly converting the team I work with to use the term fortnight. It's so much less ambiguous than "bi-weekly".

(Provoked by Dave Jones' post)

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apollock@caesar:~$ host mirrors.kernel.org
mirrors.kernel.org has address
mirrors.kernel.org has address
mirrors.kernel.org mail is handled by 10 hera.kernel.org.
mirrors.kernel.org mail is handled by 20 zeus1.kernel.org.
mirrors.kernel.org mail is handled by 30 zeus2.kernel.org.
mirrors.kernel.org mail is handled by 999 bl-ckh-le.kernel.org.
apollock@caesar:~$ GET -H mirrors.kernel.org | md5sum
4f053c0db4bc9d851059c0899b85f338  -
apollock@caesar:~$ GET -H mirrors.kernel.org | md5sum
c4ba9d980e675875079bf5fea46cffd2  -

It's shit like this that makes my job that much more difficult. Back to archive.ubuntu.com we scurry. (This is obviously not Ubuntu's fault, it's just a pain in the arse nevertheless)

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Rant for the day: Firefox 3 in Hardy

Disclaimer: I may well be an ignoramus with respect to the release schedule for Firefox 3 with respect to the release schedule of Hardy.

It grabs me as breathtakingly stupid to be shipping a Long Term Release of Ubuntu with a pre-release version of Firefox. I can't see how anyone can think this is a good idea.

That said, I remember a thread on ubuntu-devel, where someone was shot down for complaining about a release candidate of the Gimp shipping with Gutsy, so there's certainly a precedent for shipping stable versions of Ubuntu with non-released versions of software. I still think it's sloppy. "Bleeding edge" and "stable release" should be mutually exclusive, yet it seems they're not.

I predict dragons ahead.

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