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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Adding domain-search (option 119) support to DHCP

I've been a bit behind with the ISC DHCP v3 package of late. I've had a package of 3.1.0 for a few months, but I'm becoming more and more reluctant to make uploads of this package without giving it some rudimentary testing. Real life has been demanding of late, so I haven't had a chance to do that testing. Nothing's gone wrong with the package to date, I just feel negligent not giving it some basic testing before throwing it out there.

So I chucked a spare QFE card in my workstation brutus, put unstable on the second hard drive, installed Debian unstable on the spare 10G partition of Sarah's old PowerBook, and lashed the two together with a bit of CAT-5, and voila, instant DHCP client/server testbed.

So now that I'd verified that version 3.1.0 wasn't blatantly broken, I could have a fiddle with the new support for option 119 (domain-search) that has people at work very excited. I spent a bit of time off on a wild goose chase trying to figure out how to configure the DHCP server for this new option before I realised it was as simple as option domain-search "foo bar baz"; and then made the necessary tweaks to dhclient-script.

I'm figuring that since one of the blokes who wrote the RFC works at Apple, and since Leopard supports option 119, the way they're doing it in Leopard must be approximately correct, so I've altered the behaviour of the DHCP client accordingly.

All of this assumes you're not using resolvconf.

Prior to 3.1.0, if you had the domain-name option set, the /etc/resolv.conf created by dhclient-script would set the search directive to the domain name. With 3.1.0, I've decided to make this set the domain option instead. The resolver behaviour remains the same, as best as I can determine.

With 3.1.0, if the domain-search option is set, then the search directive is set to this. If the domain-name option is set, this is prepended to the list of domains in the domain-search option. This is consistent with what MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) does. I'm not sure what Windows does (nor what version started honouring the domain-search DHCP option)), and since it doesn't have an /etc/resolv.conf equivalent, it's a bit hard to test. I'm going to hazard a guess and hope that since the other bloke who wrote the RFC works for Microsoft, that maybe, just maybe, Windows and MacOS X at least behave the same way.

Currently, if resolvconf is in use, you get the old behaviour whereby the search directive is populated with the contents of the domain-name option, and the domain-search option is ignored completely. I've filed #460609 with a patch to fix this. Interestingly, resolvconf itself internally collapses the domain and search directives into the search directive of the /etc/resolv.conf it generates, so I can't quite get the same /etc/resolv.conf generated as would be generated without resolvconf being used. No big deal, the behaviour should be the same. The domain directive is largely unnecessary as I understand it.

I have unearthed what I consider to be a bug with the domain-search option handling code in the client. It seems to be largely benign, apart from causing the client to emit some errors when it's obtaining a lease that contains the domain-search option, and possibly not splitting the domains in the domain-search option correctly. There's also another (I think unrelated) warning that gets emitted as well. I'm waiting to hear back from upstream about both.

I'm not going to package the recently released 4.0 DHCP until I've figured out a transition plan to go from the old DHCP v2 packages to the v3 ones.

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