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January 2008
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Sunday, 06 January 2008

I only feel like I'm living in America when I watch commercial TV

MythTV's commercial skipping really spoils us, and we practically never watch anything live (we don't watch a lot of TV at all, really, more DVDs, thanks to Netflix), so we're totally insulated from all the commercials except when we're staying in a hotel, or, as is the case right now, having a stay in hospital.

It seems all of the commercials during the news programs are pharma-related. The majority are prescription drugs to "ask your doctor about", with the rest being health-related.

Today's exciting product I learned about was Might Putty (you can watch the ad on their site). I just wish I had something to use it for.

The other thing that piqued my curiosity was the Takara Patch. It sounds like a bit of a gimmick, but I've always liked gimmicks that look like they're doing something. The Biore Pore Strips for example. I'll have to do some more research.

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Post-op, Day 3

Slow day today.

I slept at home, and got in at around 9:40am. Sarah didn't sleep well again overnight, her O2 saturation levels kept dropping below 90% because she wasn't breathing deeply enough in her sleep, and that causes an alarm to go off. So she was pretty flat when I first got in, but she picked up as the day went along, and was fairly chirpy by around 11am.

The doctor came by and explained the photos that we've been given, so I'll have to try and regurgitate all of it and update the captions. Her lungs are still looking a bit suboptimal. The third lobe on the right lung isn't inflating well apparently. They said something about there being some fluid as well, although the nurse said she can't hear anything.

All that said, she spent a lot of time in a chair today, and her O2 saturation levels have been the best they've been since she was in the ICU. So good, that they're trialing having her off oxygen while she attempts to take a nap as I write.

Her blood sugar levels are settling down. I think they're still slightly elevated, but not to the point that insulin is required. She only needed insulin with lunch yesterday, so it definitely looks like it's improving.

She's already been on her three walks today, by 4pm. An occupational therapist came by, and went through the sternal precautions again, and showed us how to get in and out of bed without putting undue pressure on the sternum, and Sarah's been getting out of bed unassisted from horizontal since. Her pain has been quite manageable.

So while today started out looking like it was going to be a small backward step, I think it's still a good move forward. Sarah's continuing her breathing exercises, so I'm sure her lungs will sort themselves out in the next day or two. I guess they'll take another chest x-ray this afternoon, although it's getting a bit late in the day.

Sarah's starting to get a bit of cabin fever, but I think today's been pretty slow, in part because we deferred having visitors on account of her being not up to it in the morning.

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