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November 2007
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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Road trip!

It's been a while, but we're off putting a few more miles on the car. I decided to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and we're heading to Phoenix to spend some time with our friends Craig and Sarah as I write. They've got an RV, so we're going to go somewhere with them and hang out in it with them.

The air quality around the I-5 was particularly dreadful today. I've no idea if it's smoke, dust, fog, smog, or some combination of all four, but it was really quite disgusting. You could barely make out mountains looming up through the haze, and the sun looked a funny colour. Then we got to LA, and the air quality was just as bad. It makes me appreciate living in the Bay Area. The air there has its off days, but it doesn't seem as bad as it looks down here.

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Two years in the US

So as it turns out, two years ago today, was when I arrived in the US with the intent of staying here for a bit.

Aside from recent developments, it's been a good couple of years. We're both pretty settled, have made plenty of wonderful friends, and seen a bit (not as much as we'd like) of the country. Sarah would have liked to have had a better time with employment, but it's not like she's been sitting around at home climbing the walls in her unemployment, either.

We keep talking about "when we move back", but I'm personally in no huge rush. I also don't have any strong desire to do anything relating to putting down roots over here. Buying a place just feels extremely unfeasible, and we can't really stay forever on the visa type I'm on, and I can't really see myself ever qualifying for a H-1B.

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