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August 2007
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Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Amazon Marketplace is crap

I ordered a book on June 26. It never arrived. It appears that Amazon doesn't want to get involved with such disputes at all, and tells you contact the seller. It doesn't tell you what to do if the seller never gets back to you...

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And the winner is...

Gustavo Franco with madison-lite

Screw writing something, what I had in mind was something exactly like madison anyway. Pity I didn't think to just use it. Duh.

Now if only the repository in question didn't have such an incredibly shite layout, I could achieve what I want to achieve without having to have multiple config files and multiple runs of madison-lite with multiple configuration files.

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It's a small world

I just had one of my former employees connect to me on LinkedIn, and I've always wondered if one of my tenants was related to him, because they shared the same surname.

Looking at the former employee's network in LinkedIn, I'd say the answer is yes, given they're in each others networks.

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