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Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Everybody hates Mark

So Mark doesn't like the SPI board election results and has decided to call the largish whack of people who didn't vote for him and tell him ahead of time or something "cowards".

Personally, I'm of the school of thought that if you haven't got anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all, but, well, here we are...

I forgot whether I put him last, but he was certainly ranked towards the back of the pack. Why? I don't like rabid people. Rabidly anything shows a lack of balance to me. Mark's rabidly anti-Google (amongst other things) (sure, I work for them, but I liked them before I went to work there, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to work there) and frankly, it irritates me. Almost as much as someone else I know being rabidly anti-Microsoft/pro-Linux irritates me sometimes.

Balance is good, and I'd rather have people on the board that I know, and I know in a positive light, over people that I don't know, or known I don't like. So I ranked my ballot in reverse order of people I knew I didn't like, then people I didn't know, then people I knew, then people I knew I liked. Simple as that. Oh, and I'm not a big fan of debian-legal, or anyone who purports to be an armchair lawyer on that list.

Sorry if that damages your precious ego, Mark. Now get back to bashing my employer, Debian UK, and pontificating about what's allowed to be in Debian.

(Oh, and I don't object to you having your own opinion, I object to you restating it over and over and over again. But it's your blog, and you're free to portray yourself to others however you please, just bear that in mind when you go standing in elections.)

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Oh, baby!

Today we went to see our new obstetrician. Ironically, he was our second preference (our current, third preference, who hasn't been all that endearing anyway, is going to be out on sabbatical when the baby's due).

I think we'd already decided we liked him better before we even met him, but he did come across as a bit more calm and less alarmist.

That said, he is currently of the opinion that the baby should be delivered at 36 weeks, which is September 14, which is a few weeks earlier than the date we were throwing around, of October 8 (Sarah's Mum and Aunty arrive on October 6).

So that's going to make things interesting. We're seeing him again next week, which is after Sarah's had another echo-cardiogram to see if her aneurysm is still stable. The results of that will help firm up the delivery date.

He also said that because the 28-32 week mark is when the heart's working the hardest, we're really in the danger zone now. It looks like we won't be going camping next week after all. The doctor didn't think being 6 hours by car away from home was a terribly good idea.

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Doing random repository things with Python APT?

Dearest Lazyweb,

I want to write a program that I can point at a standard repository, and an in-house one, so I can track version differences between common packages.

I wanted to write this in Python, so python-apt sprang to mind, however the documentation is somewhat lacking, and none of the examples include retrieving a package list from anything other than the local APT cache.

The documentation in libapt-pkg-doc is also rather lacking.

So before I go giving up on using a "proper" library for the task, I thought I'd reach out.

Love, and sloppy kisses,


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