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August 2007
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Saturday, 04 August 2007

On Kevin Andrews' suspicions of Mohammed Haneef

I've been following this whole Mohammed Haneef thing back in Australia with some interest. The Government seems to have quite the track record for trumpeting some sort of national security thing around an election. First it was Tampa, then it was the children overboard affair, now it's Haneef. I expect this one's backfired a bit.

Kevin Andrews keeps coming out and saying it's suspicious how Haneef was trying to skip the country, or it's suspicious how he left as soon as the charges were dropped, instead of sticking around to see how the appeal went.

Let's see. If I had a new baby born in another country, that I hadn't seen yet, and I'd been incarcerated for however long it was, I don't think I'd be hanging around to find out the outcome of some bureaucratic bullshit in the country I'm not even a citizen of (but wouldn't mind being able to continue working in). I'd want to go see my new baby. I wonder if Kevin Andrews has any children of his own?

We have a track record of having some very cold Immigration ministers.


It seems I'm not the only one of this opinion.

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T minus ~9 weeks and counting...

So, depending on who you talk to, we've got about 9 weeks to go, or maybe 8 weeks. It all depends on whether we can have our way and have a caesarean on the 8th of October. Of course, the baby may have other thoughts on the matter as well...

We've had our last planned house guest until Sarah's Mum and Aunty arrive, so we've put the mattress in storage and donated the bed frame to Goodwill.

We've acquired a crib (I keep wanting to call it a cot) and a changing table/chest of drawers and put them in place in the baby's room. Last night we bought a car seat. I think the only major item left to get is a stroller.

Sarah's pregnancy is still going well. The baby's still extremely active, and has had the hiccups quite a few times in the last week. Apparently that's him trying to breathe. I'm somewhat surprised they don't drown in there trying to do that...

Speaking of breathing, our overly cautious obstetrician wanted Sarah to have two shots of steroids, to aid in the baby's lung development "just in case" he was born (or had to be delivered) very early. We felt it was somewhat unnecessary, but thought we'd be kicking ourselves if something happened and we didn't do it. There didn't seem to be any outrageous adverse effects from doing so, so we went along with it.

Twice in a week (the second time today) Sarah's had blurry vision followed by a headache, so she called up the hospital today when it happened, and they told her to come in and get checked out. We spent about 4 hours in labor and delivery this afternoon. It turns out the reason they wanted us to come in was because the symptoms could be a sign of preeclampsia.

The tests proved otherwise, and they couldn't really offer an explanation for what was going on other than migraines, so they eventually sent us home again. It was nice to get a preview of hospital's labor and delivery ward.

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