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Wednesday, 04 April 2007

The Constant Gardener

Tonight Sarah and I watched The Constant Gardener on DVD while we babysat for Trish and James

Every now and then I end up watching a movie that I wouldn't have otherwise watched if I were the one picking the movies, and I'm really glad I did. Tonight was one of those times. This was a really good movie, and it painted the plight of Africa and in particular, foreign aid in Africa, in a completely different light. The sad thing is, I'm sure there's more than a modicum of truth in the film. I highly recommend it.

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The Australian Government's starting to smell a bit fishy

Okay, so firstly, I thought the whole David Hicks situation (mainly the fact that it was starting to become a bit of a political hot-potato near an election so they got his trial hurried up) was a bit fishy (particularly the bit about how he's gagged until after the next election), but this morning, I learned that there's legislation to close the electoral rolls at 8pm on the day the election is called.

That stinks to high heaven! I mean how on earth could justify bringing out legislation like that? How does that improve anything? I'll be really disappointed if that just gets steamrolled through the Senate.

All this reminds me that I need to re-enroll to vote.

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