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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Short-stay furnished apartments in New York

One for the note-to-self file.

Years ago on Getaway, I remember seeing a story that mentioned New York had companies that offered short-term rentals of furnished apartments as potentially more economical alternative to hotel accommodation. After a bit of concerted searching with Google, I've come up with Abode as one such company.

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New blades

Rollerblade Crossfire TFS

As I'd semi-intended to after last week's renewal of hatred towards my current in-line skates, we popped into Skates on Haight yesterday while we were in San Francisco, and I acquired a pair of Rollerblade Crossfire TFS'

The store was pretty nice. Small, but no other customers, so I got pretty good customer service. I have to wonder if I did the same level of due-diligence before purchasing as I did last time: I bought the first pair they recommended and I tried on.

That said, they have a nicer closure system than the Bauers I had previously. They've got a ratchet-style strap at the top, a bit like some snowboard boots, and they've sort of got laces. They have some thin "string" and an interesting bit at the back that you grab and yank on to tighten the string, and there's a separate release catch to loosen it. A bit hard to describe.

I've done a few test runs around the apartment complex today while I waited for the washing, and so far they seem not too bad. My biggest problem is I've got wide feet, so I have to find the happy medium between having the laces tight enough to have good ankle support, and not being too tight as to squish my feet.

If the weather is good tomorrow and I can drag my arse out of bed at a reasonable time, I'll try skating to work.

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