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Thursday, 01 March 2007

On whacky spare tyre ideas

Russell Coker writes about not carrying spare tyres and relying on roadside assistance companies instead.

I had a similar idea a while ago when I had two of my tyres slashed. I was carrying a viable spare, but with two tyres out of action, it didn't do me a lot of good.

I got a tow to the nearest tyre place probably within a kilometre, but they had to order in the tyres to match what was already on the car, so I was left without a car for the remainder of the day and some of the next one.

I thought it'd be a great business idea to be able to call up for roadside tyre replacement, similar to how you can "holler for a Marshall" when you get a flat battery.

Incidentally, I've clearly been living here too long. I had to battle with myself to not write "tire" all the time.

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Our first earthquake (that we noticed)

I do believe we may have just had a small earthquake. Sarah and I certainly both felt something. Hopefully this page will show something in a bit to confirm.


Yup. Wow.

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