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Sunday, 22 October 2006

OMG! Lost Season 3

Lost was one of those TV shows that I caught irregularly in Australia, but often enough for it to pique my interest.

We started grabbing episodes from season one via BitTorrent, but it was all too hard, so when we saw the box set at Fry's for $40, we just bought it.

We were hooked instantly.

So we bought season two when it came out, and just finished watching it. Whoa, what an ending.

MythTV has been catching the season three episodes while we caught up, and tonight we watched episode one. Wow. I'd been a bit dubious about how long they could keep stringing the series out, given that it was originally supposed to be a one season job. Given what I've seen of season three from episode one, it looks like they'll be able to make the mother of all plot twists last for at least another season.

I just hope that they quit while they're ahead. I'd hate to see the series die an unnatural death before it manages to adequately explain all of the totally weird shit on this island.

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Egad. They've banned Vegemite!

Apparently I should be outraged.

Reasons I'm not: I have an enormous stash from when we moved over here, and the micro-kitchens at work don't have bread, so Vegemite on toast isn't part of my breakfast regimen any more.

We have bagels every other Friday, but I found them too heavy, so haven't bothered with Vegemite for a long time.

But seriously, WTF?

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Mirror coordination progress

I've finally caught up on all the backlog of email to mirrors@debian.org, and I've been added to the webwml group, so now I need to go through all of the outstanding mirror submission bug reports, and figure out which ones are still valid for acting on.

There were probably less than 20 legitimate emails in the 12 months of backlog, and one metric crapload of spam.

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Going to Spain

Cool, I'm heading to Spain for the QA meeting in Extremadura in December.

Not quite so cool is that I'll be flying out two days after getting back from a holiday in Australia. I suspect I'm going to be totally shagged by the time I get back. $DEITY only knows what timezone my body will be in.

Better get my QA pants back on again.

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