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Saturday, 23 September 2006

My top 10 Unix shell commands


It helps if you give sort a -n option apparently. The results make a bit more sense now.

Well it kind of varies, because I have a weird mode of operation. I SSH into caesar, in my cupboard, which is my local general purpose box. It runs a screen session, which includes an SSH session with daedalus, my server co-located back in Australia, where I read my email via mutt, and then I do really local stuff on my laptop, icarus.

     37 fg
     32 ls
     31 sudo
     19 blog
     12 cd
      7 df
      6 vi
      6 mutt
      5 less
      4 man
Unsurprisingly, fg wins out here, because I'm usually in mutt and just background it to get a shell prompt. blog is a funky shell script I wrote to better manage blog posts with Blosxom.
    152 sudo
     61 ls
     38 less
     35 cd
     27 screen
     13 dpkg
     11 apt-cache
     10 man
      9 ssh

156 play 103 ls 54 sudo 45 ssh 12 cd 12 apt-cache 10 dpkg 8 wget 8 host 6 telnet

play ranks so highly because I was recently listening to all of the audio files that come with Asterisk to stitch together a particularly hellish purgatory for telemarketers.

So it's interesting seeing how the different machines get totally different use.

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