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Sunday, 23 July 2006

I love technology

Although Windows' Bluetooth support is a bit weird.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Canberra, with my old Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Bluetooth headset paired with my laptop, talking to Sarah on her mobile phone, using X-Lite on my laptop, talking to my Asterisk server at home. The call quality is quite acceptable without any QoS.

I should do some maths to work out if the obscene rate the Telstra wireless hot-spot is charging me is less than what it would cost me to use my Australian mobile phone or the hotel phone for the same call.

The next step is to do all of this, but with the iPaq, and on Google Wifi anywhere in Mountain View. Then I'll just have a ridiculously expensive mobile phone.

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Be an agent of change

Michael feels hot and unempowered, when it comes to global warming. I generally feel hot and bothered. I'm doing what I can about it.

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It's nice to be back

Today I drove back to Canberra from Sydney, which was a nice drive given the rental car had cruise control. That Canberra-Sydney drive was what made me wish I'd had cruise control in the last car...

Caught up with Mel and Ash, who were incidentally in Canberra and returning to Sydney, and we had lunch at Gus' Cafe. That was nice. The Civic redevelopment is continuing, but far from complete. The new buildings look a lot higher than I expected for a construction in Canberra. It certainly looks like it'll be an impressive bunch of buildings when it's done, but I wonder if it'll steal all the focus from City Walk?

Caught up with some Bilby friends for afternoon tea, ran a few errands to collect things we miss from Australia and can't readily obtain in the US, and offloaded some DVDs on our old flatmate.

There seems to be a few people arriving for the conference this evening, a roaming horde of sysadmins went out in search of food a little while ago.

My luggage also turned up. Apparently they thought I'd failed to board (how, I do not know) and so didn't put my luggage on the plane. I'm glad that's behind me now anyway.

Looks like Sarah received the flowers I sent her, given that we're spending our first wedding anniversary apart...

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