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June 2006
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Friday, 30 June 2006

Have FXS module, will go cordless

Recently, I finally lashed out and bought an FXS-100 module for my A400P card, and yesterday it arrived, so I can now plug in a cordless phone. My poor main Linux box now has more cables going into it than you can poke a stick at, and the closet it's in is getting completely out of control. Oh well.

Said module works fine, installation was painless, configuration equally so. I managed to do it all whilst being slightly tipsy from the pub last night, and no-one got hurt. It's so cool getting a dial tone from a Linux box.

There's a few caller-ID issues to resolve for internal calls, but other than that, it's great to be able to call Australia from the couch for 10 cents, rather than sitting on the floor near an Ethernet wall jack.

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It's not every day a billionaire blades by

So yesterday I was walking over to the main campus, (to avail myself of the on-site dentist of all things), and I noticed someone gliding down the road that the road I was walking along intersected with. Not seeing his feet, or any evidence of handlebars, I was vaguely interested in the mode of transport this (presumed Googler) was using.

As he got closer to the T-junction, I discovered he was on rollerblades. This was cool, and reminded me that I needed to try blading into work myself soon.

Aforementioned person then mounted the footpath that I was walking along, and as he passed me, I realised it was none other than Sergey Brin himself, out and about. Very cool.

So that's my latest brush with fame.

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