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Monday, 26 June 2006

So much fun I can't believe it's legal

I haven't written about it yet, but we adopted a cat recently. We've (temporarily) fostered a few animals in our time in the US so far, but this time Sarah fell in love, and we had to keep it.

Genevieve (aka "Stumpy") came to us as a cat that had been in a car accident, had a broken pelvis, and an amputated tail, and needed a quiet home to recuperate in before going up for adoption.

When she first arrived, she'd walk funny, with her back legs splayed out all over the place, and she'd lie on one side rather than sit on her haunches. Aside from this, she was very affectionate, and tried to follow us around everywhere, and purred incessantly.

She's improved a lot in the month or so that we've had her (fostering time included). She walks a lot better, her tail stump has healed pretty well, and she's been desexed. It turns out that she was probably pregnant at the time of the car accident, but had miscarried.

Anyway, onto the reason for this post. Sarah bought a $10 laser pointer today, and it has been such good value for money. Stumpy's been chasing it all over the place, racing around in circles, climbing the walls, tearing up and down the stairs. It's good exercise for her, and hopefully it's helping her get good use of her back legs (and not aggravating her busted pelvis).

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