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Monday, 05 June 2006

The Australian System Administrator's Conference 2006

I'm heading back to Canberra in the height of winter for SAGE-AU'2006 in July.

Should be good. This will only be the second SAGE-AU conference I've been to (the last one being the record-breaking one in Hobart). The line-up looks pretty good, and Google is well represented (both in the program, and in attendees) this year.

There's going to be a recruiting gig on the Tuesday evening, so if you're interested in finding out more on what it's like to work in Corp SysOps, and would like to have a drink on Google, block out Tuesday evening in your diary.

There's still a little over a week until the earlybird registrations close.

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LVM snapshots of chroots and pbuilder

A while ago I knocked up some scripts that created LVM snapshots for use with dchroot.

Tonight as I was wading through my debian-devel backlog, I discovered that pbuilder can operate in a non-tarball mode, so I was immediately interested in seeing if I could couple the two together. This caused me to iron out a few more issues with the aforementioned scripts, to the point where you can go:

$ sudo create_chroot unstable; pdebuild --auto-debsign -- --no-targz --buildplace /chroots/unstable --bindmounts /var/cache/apt/archives --aptcache ""; \
sudo remove_chroot unstable

And the whole process is a bit faster (I think) than dicking around with tarballs. This is probably throw-away work anyway, given I'm sure cowbuilder will kick-arse, but it was fun...

I need to make the create_chroot script take an option to not mount /proc, as at the moment, if you run the create_chroot script and then pdebuild immediately afterwards as indicated above, the latter will fail because pbuilder will fall over because /proc was already mounted in the chroot.

I really should go to bed...

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