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Friday, 28 April 2006

Allergy testing

Today I went to the same allergy doctor that Sarah went to see and basically had the same thing done.

I've been feeling very suboptimal for the last few weeks. It coincided with when the kittens came to stay, and I was initially blaming them, but I was also a bit of a wheezing mess after cycling to or from work. I think it was a combination of the cats and spring in general in the end.

I certainly haven't had the sort of allergic asthmatic reaction I'd been having now for many many years, and I didn't want it to continue, so I figured the allergy testing and relevant treatment would help.

Turns out that I'm allergic to grass, dust mites, mulberry and oak. The doctor advised against allergy shots for me until I'd been in the country for 12 months and seen all seasonal variations, so I've been given a whack of asthma anti anti-allergy drugs to tide me over until July when the worst of the pollen should be gone. The kittens are big enough to be de-sexed and put up for adoption so they go back to the animal shelter next week.

I really liked the doctor, she was a no-nonsense, straight-talking type, who knew Australia. An added bonus is she sees patients at work as well, so my followup appointment will be more convenient.

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