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Tuesday, 04 April 2006

The US Government bureaucracy strikes again

It's been more than the six weeks since I passed my driving test, and I still haven't received my real licence in the mail. This is despite the fact that Sarah received hers a couple of weeks ago, and she only did her test less than a week before me.

So today I actually had the presence of mind to ring up the DMV and ask what was going on. Turns out I'm waiting for the dreaded secondary verification with the Department of Immigration. God bless that institution of central delays.

The DMV gave me another number to call, which when I finally got through turned out to be somewhere else within the DMV, and they told me pretty much the same thing, and that it took at least four months for Immigration to get back to them and I shouldn't expect anything until at least May. But my licence might come before that. Whatever the hell that means...

So I continue to wait. The temporary licence expires on May 4 or something...

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