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Saturday, 31 December 2005

2005: The year in review

2005 is the first year I've blogged from start to finish, so it is interesting to go through and reflect on what has happened. It's certainly been an eventful year.

Executive summary: got engaged, got married, got a job with Google, moved to the US. Did a whole lot of other mainly geeky things in between.

  • Moved from living in an old rundown share house in Ainslie to a townhouse in Watson, without the flat mate
  • Started getting my teeth into work at my new job
  • Took Sarah to the ER with chest pains, after having had them on and off over Christmas
  • Proposed to Sarah
  • My blog got syndicated on Planet Linux Australia
  • Wrote my blog post about mitigating SSH brute force attacks using Netfilter's recent module. Still get a lot of search traffic from that today
  • Went camping at Jervis Bay, managed to hit a kangaroo on the way, had a rather traumatic time trying to euthanize it
  • Decided to continue studying at Uni part-time in conjunction with full-time work (masochistic, huh?)
  • Made changelogs.debian.net a whole lot spankier
  • Had a moderately unsuccessful time turning an old laptop with a dead hard drive into a diskless server with an NFS root filesystem. (I really must get around to trying again doing ATA over Ethernet)
  • Bought a QFE card, after much vying on EBay, which is still sitting in a drawer unused
  • Discovered how to make my laptop suspend
  • Completed a Saint John Ambulance Senior First Aid course
  • linux.conf.au happened, and I helped make it happen
  • Interesting side-effect of the above was that I got asked to apply for a job at Google
  • I had fun with a cylinder of surplus helium
  • Sarah is advised to discontinue triathlons because of a possible heart condition
  • My oldest friends separate, and it looks like they're going to get divorced
  • Sarah had her car broken into in the driveway and her purse was stolen
  • I get into a panic about passing Uni and really knuckle down
  • I discover a little too late that I've missed marking my ten thousandth day since birth
  • I organised a dinner meeting of Canberra Perl Mongers, which is a largely dormant group
  • We got a new cat
  • I hit two years as a Debian developer
  • I joined the Linux Australia sysadmin team
  • We decide to bring forward our wedding from April 2006 to July 2005, "just in case" the Google thing comes off
  • caesar, the box I use as my gateway blew up and got replaced with something gruntier
  • I got into discussions with University House about doing a wireless LAN setup for them for their guests
  • Started work on a box for Linux Australia that would host a few User Mode Linux instances for various things
  • My old Rover crew turned 20
  • We discovered the Tea Centre, and the wonders of different varieties of leaf tea
  • I scraped through first semester at Uni
  • I decided to upgrade daedalus and ordered a new box
  • Michael and I went to the US for face to face interviews with Google
  • Started semester 2 at Uni
  • Started migrating services to the new daedalus
  • Sarah and I were married
  • Google makes me a job offer
  • I ordered myself a new laptop
  • My car tyres got slashed while I was at Uni
  • Uni all got a bit much, and I decided to drop out
  • I got a 1 gig USB key
  • I had some fun with LVM snapshotting
  • Video card in my desktop blew up
  • I return to working in the office, and have a crack at catching the bus because of heinous petrol prices
  • I built Linux Australia's content mirroring box
  • The cat vomits one time too many and gets a new diet
  • We went and saw the Warehouse Circus' most excellent BAM! production
  • I ascended Mount Tennant with Rick
  • Sarah and I went and checked out the Tumut 3 power station
  • Sarah got her wisdom teeth out
  • I had some more fun with LVM and data migration
  • I had even more fun with LVM snapshots
  • We finally got our visas for the US
  • I quit my job
  • We bought a new dining table
  • We bought an iPaq and a bluetooth GPS and some navigation software
  • We bought a new digital camera
  • Canberra Perl Mongers had another dinner meeting
  • I finished up at Cybertrust
  • I went to the US
  • Sarah went to Singapore for a holiday with some of her relatives
  • I started at Google
  • Sarah arrived in the US from Singapore
  • We found somewhere more permanent to live
  • We bought new mountain bikes
  • All our stuff arrived from Australia

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