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November 2005
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Monday, 21 November 2005

Accidentally good choice of start date

We seem to have conveniently and unintentionally chosen a good week to start. Thursday is Thanksgiving, and a holiday, and Friday is as well, so three day week.

Talk about easing into things.

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My kingdom for a bayonet light bulb

So, they're obviously very proud of the fact that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, as they're all Edison Screw over here. Nary a bayonet to be found anywhere. Difference illustrated here.

On Sunday we went to Home Depot (the one we walked into at Milpitas could have been Bunnings at Fyshwick if it were green instead of orange), and when I asked someone about light bulbs with bayonet fittings, he made noises about auto shops and stuff, which suggests that they just don't do house lighting with them at all.

Why do I want a bayonet light bulb so badly? I have a lamp that was made by my late grandfather, which is one of the few non-dual voltage items I didn't jettison (probably the only one actually), and I was rather keen to actually use it. I don't expect the bulb that was in it to survive the shipping process, and even if it did, if it didn't instantly blow up at 110V, I suspect it would be a bit dim.

If anyone knows of any bayonet-to-edison adapters, please let me know.


Google is my friend

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Australian to American translation #2

thank you
sheets and towels and things of that ilk

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First day

My brain is full. I wonder if cranium extensions are covered by health insurance over here?

All I will say is that it is so cool, and that they have their induction process down pat, and the breadth and depth of their internal corporate intranet is nothing short of that of the Grand Canyon.

I am indeed feeling lucky.

That is all.

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