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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

dpatch considered harmful?

Joey Hess needs a peppermint.

I'd also like him to explain what's wrong with dpatch, as until now, I was of the opinion that it was the duck's testicles.

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Blogging saves the day

Well kind of.

A colleague in Operations came up to me with a Firewall-1 problem, which was identical to one I'd experienced earlier in the year.

I couldn't remember the details, but I remembered the situation, so I just pulled up my blog, used Firefox's find-as-you-type feature, and pointed him at the details.

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Tonight we went and saw Serenity.

I think the thing I noticed first was that it showed that 3 years had elapsed since the TV series and the movie. Haircuts weren't exactly consistent, Jayne looked like he'd lost a bit of weight. The Shepherd was sporting braids. Oh, and he somehow had parted company since the last episode of the TV series. Hadn't seen that one coming, whereas Inara's (initial) absence wasn't a total surprise.

Someone was complaining about the movie's explanation for the origins of the Gorram Reavers, but I thought it was fairly reasonable. Heck, they featured in more of the movie than they did in the series.

I didn't find it all that compelling (but I didn't find the series that compelling either), but it was still enjoyable. Not sure if I'd have gotten as much out of it if I hadn't seen the series first. And it didn't adequately explain the background of Shepherd Book, which was one of the many plot lines that was built up in the series, but not explored to its end.

Overall, I think it's a bit of a shame that Firefly's plot didn't get to fully develop. Must do some research on why it was axed.

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Today Sarah and I finished watching all the episodes of Firefly on DVD.

It grew on me over time. Initially I thought it was all a bit too Western, cowboy and Indian, but by the end of it, I was really enjoying it. I think I got a chuckle out of every single episode. I haven't really looked into why the series got axed when it did, because it didn't seem to have anything terribly wrong with it. I really liked the motley crew of Serenity. I think Jayne was my favourite. He was such a meat-head, but he was always coming out with funny lines.

So now that we're all clued up on the series, we're off to see Serenity tonight. Hopefully it ties up a lot of the loose ends and answers some of the questions left hanging from the series.

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