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Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Fun with xargs

Had some fun with xargs this morning. I came up with such a monstrosity, I have to record it for posterity.

The situation was one where we had a script that was scping a whole pile of files around, and the source directory got so big, that a straight "scp ${SOURCE}/* $DESTINATION" was resulting in the good old command-line too long situation.

Sounds like a job for xargs I say. But how do we tack the destination on the end? I'm used to situations where you just want to pass a whole lot of arguments to a command, but not have a constant value on the end. Oh, and this was on Solaris for good measure, so I was fully expecting to not be able to do it.

Did some prototyping. Put "a-z" in /tmp/alphabet, one per line.

apollock@caesar:~$ cat /tmp/alphabet | xargs -L 6 echo
a b c d e f
g h i j k l
m n o p q r
s t u v w x
y z

Right, so that solved the argument length issues, but I needed a constant argument on the end. I tried

apollock@caesar:~$ cat /tmp/alphabet | xargs -L 6 -i echo '{}' foo
a foo
b foo
c foo
d foo
e foo

But as you can see, (and so the manpage says), -i implies -l1 (which is the same as -L 1). Bummer.

So then I came up with this ripper:

apollock@caesar:~$ cat /tmp/alphabet | xargs -L 6 echo | xargs -i echo '{}' foo
a b c d e f foo
g h i j k l foo
m n o p q r foo
s t u v w x foo
y z foo

That's the ticket!

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One of the things I wanted to do when I first got my PowerBook was connect to the Internet via the GPRS connection of my T630 over Bluetooth. It's always eluded me.

I recently reinstalled my PowerBook because I wanted to reduce the amount of space dedicated to Linux, and generally give it a clean out. Tonight, I was reinstalling bits and pieces and decided to revisit this chestnut again.

After a bit of concerted Googling, I found the homepage of Ross Barkman, who has some useful extra scripts for the T630, which for some reason, Apple doesn't ship with MacOS X. After throwing this into my /Library/Modem Scripts/ directory, and following the detailed instructions included with the scripts, I had things working very nicely indeed via Telstra.

Thanks Ross, I owe you a pint.

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