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July 2005
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Friday, 29 July 2005

Let the ladies gym wars begin

The radio informed me on the way home that the Fernwood gym at Belconnen had held a "mass breastfeeding" in protest over how rival gym Club Pink had apparently ejected two members for breastfeeding or something.

The bit that I found amusing was that they actually played a response from Harry Konstantinou on the air as part of the story, with him trying to play down the whole thing (something about them having no problem with breastfeeding, and they provided appropriate facilities).

I dare say they wouldn't have played a soundbite other than for the fact that Harry is quite the entrepreneur (I'm aware of him being behind The Club Group, Velocity Internet, The Technology Warehouse, eSolve IT, as well as owning commercial property and being involved in commercial construction), and as such, is quite a large advertiser on the station.

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