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Monday, 25 July 2005

Debian Solaris?

There have been a few rumblings about a Debian architecture based on an OpenSolaris kernel.

I think this is the only way to make Solaris useable. I've always lamented how much of a royal PITA it is to get common-or-garden Open Source software onto Solaris. You can use Sun Freeware, but that only gets you so far, and you end up the most convoluted mess in /usr/local (FHS, what FHS?). This is mainly due to the fact that Solaris' inbuilt packaging system blows hairy goats, and that's all that Steve Christensen has to work with.

I think that a Debian GNU/OpenSolaris system be a massive step forward (because the Solaris userspace is like so 1970). But in all honesty, what would you really gain from using it over Linux? I mean, is the Solaris kernel really all that great? At the end of the day, that's all you'd be left with that was OpenSolaris specific.

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Sarah and I being presented with our marriage certificate

What a day. Where do I start?

Sarah looked absolutely beautiful. We've got a few of the preliminary photographs by the professional photographer up, and there's already one review. The professional photos look absolutely fantastic, and I'm dying to see all of them.

I really enjoyed the whole thing, which was good, given I've always dreaded my wedding day because I didn't want to be the centre of attention. We were untraditional, and we had the photos taken before the ceremony, mainly for practical reasons, as being the middle of winter, we'd have lost most of the light by the time the ceremony had finished.

Despite some concerns, I stuck with having Nick as by best man. Susan also attended the wedding, and I was really glad that they could both be there, even though Susan had a few sad moments. I'm really glad I kept Nick was my best man, as he's the guy I had earmarked for the job for literally years. At the reception, we had a wedding guest register, and Nick wrote this, which brought a tear to my eye:

Andrew, you are the brother that I will never have, and I love you. Sarah you're now my sister as well.
I'm tearing up again just writing it here.

Nick drove down a few days before the wedding and stayed with us, and I'm really grateful I could spend a few days with him, as we haven't had any quality face time for probably years. It reminded me of the good old days.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way we wanted it. Despite me trying to memorise my vows, I stuffed them up, and Sarah didn't. She made a little "nyah nyah" face at me after she'd successfully delivered her vows, and the entire audience cracked up. It's always good to have a laugh at a wedding anyway, I reckon.

The reception itself was something we didn't really do our homework on, and was a bit random at times. It would have been good to have done a prepared speech, but Sarah and I just jumped up and said a few thankyous. Nick and Sarah's maid of honour, Lani, gave beautiful speeches, as did Sarah's grandmother and my father. Overall, I think everyone had a great night. I know we did.

The whole thing happening as well as it did, in only seven weeks, was a testament to Sarah's excellent organisational abilities.

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