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Wednesday, 20 July 2005

First phase of migrating servers completed

Today I think I've reasonably successfully migrated email from the old daedalus to the new one. I have some niggling problems with SquirrelMail, which seem to be related to switching from Courier IMAP to Dovecot, but that's about it.

For tomorrow's act, I think I'll try to migrate Mikal's website without breaking it any more than I already have in recent times. Then I'll migrate the other random sites I host, along with the plethora of subdomains of my own, and that should be pretty much it.

I'm trying to get completely off the old box, so I can retrieve it when I visit Brisbane on the weekend of August 20.

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Apparently my blog sucks

Well, there's no apparently about it. I know it sucks, it just seems that the entire blogosphere has decided I need to know about it as well. It all comes down to spare time, and the fact that it looks fine to me in my browser (Firefox), at the resolution I usually operate at (1400x1050 or better), so I don't have a nagging urge to do anything about it.

A while ago I went nuts with CSS and deviated from the bog standard layout that Blosxom offers. I was going through a rounded corner phase. The problem was the column layout (and man, doesn't doing columns and stuff in CSS suck?) seemed to not rescale cleanly at lower resolutions. It looks even more abominable in Internet Explorer. Problem was, as I said, that it looked fine to me whenever I looked at it on one of my laptops with Firefox.

So, since I'm too time poor to do anything about, and I seem to have a horde of people who like to read my blog directly, I hereby throw out a bounty that I've been meaning to put out for a while. I will pay $100 in cash or gadgets (in Australian dollars) to whoever feels like redesigning the CSS for my blog so that it doesn't suck. I'd like it to look like it currently does in Firefox (at 1400x1050, but also at lower resolutions) and IE, and be implemented in a such as way as it is Blosxom flavour friendly. Get in touch with me first, so I don't have a small army of CSS monkeys all doing it, as I also have a few more rounded corner type things I'd like have done while you're at it.

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