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Monday, 11 July 2005

Andrew and Mikal do San Francisco: Day 1 - the journey

I'm so tired I can hardly write.

So we left Canberra at 11am on Monday (local time), got to Sydney, had a hell of a time checking into our United Airlines flight, made a mad dash through Customs and boarded our flight.

The flight was fairly uneventful. I opted not to sleep and try to sleep in the California night time when we got to our destination, hence it's now Tuesday 10am Canberra time (5pm Monday California time) and I'm dead on my feet.

I read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons cover to cover for the majority of the flight, and it was a really good read. The plot had more twists than something really twisty that my tired brain can't think of right now.

Entering the US was a breeze. I was really dreading the whole immigration thing because Mikal had had a bad experience last time he came to the US for a job interview, but I think this was more a case of him ticking the "Seeking employment box" (which also has some other nasty stuff bundled together with it) on the immigration form. I ticked the "Business" box and informed the immigration officer I was here for an interview and it wasn't a problem. I didn't have anything like what AJ had when he entered the US via LAX. Customs didn't even want to look in my suitcase.

The hotel is quite comfortable and has a really non-hotel atmosphere to it.

We went for a bit of a drive and a wander around Palo Alto for lunch. This whole left-hand-drive, drive on the right is a bit offputting. I might try and drive tomorrow when I'm feeling a bit more refreshed.

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