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Saturday, 02 July 2005

Tea Totalling

In the few weeks since we discovered The Tea Centre, we now own two teapots, two infusers, and five cannisters of tea. No more teabags for us.

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Bethungra Rover Crew turns 20

Last night I went to a barbeque and general get together to mark the fact that my old Rover crew had turned 20. With Land's End apparently folding, this makes it the oldest crew in the Australian Capital Territory. Numbers-wise, it's not too healthy at the moment, but hopefully moving out to Gungahlin, where it's the only crew, instead of Kaleen, where there was a bit of crew saturation, will give it a larger pool of people to draw from.

I look back on the few years I spent in Rovers with many fond memories. My only regret is not getting into it earlier. I strongly recommend it to anyone who might be relocating to a different city, as it gives you another (large) pool of people to meet and socialise with, rather than just the people you work with. I think it was one of the things that made my Brisbane-Canberra move so much more bearable.

What the hell is a Rover?

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