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Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Kangaroos have the worst road sense

So I was driving in to work this morning at stupid o'clock because I had to perform a firewall replacement out of hours.

Just before I get to work, I blat along an 80 km/h zone. It alternates between two and three lanes and is a dual carriageway. It's Ginninderra Drive. Nice bit of road. Then I peel off that, and drive around the back of the AIS and then I'm all commuted out.

So it's still well and truly dark at stupid o'clock, and as I come over this bit of a hill, decelerating as I approach the bit where you peel off towards the AIS, I spot a fairly decent sized roo standing upright on the side of the road. Not wanting a repeat performance of last time, I further jump on the breaks and slow right down to about 20 km/h or so, and am nearly beside the kangaroo. At this point, Skippy the mental giant that he is, decides it's a good time to cross the road. Fortunately slamming the brakes on at 20 km/h isn't a terribly big deal, and noone was hurt.

You've just got to love how kangaroos seem to like to try and cross the road at the least opportune time. They'll wait until the one car on the entire highway is right in front of them. They must have a liking for being caught in headlights or something.

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Fifth migration (third enforcement module)

This morning I did another Firewall-1 replacement. Not a lot to report. It was a bit more of an inconvience because I couldn't rack the new one in alongside the old one because of rack space constraints, so I had to start extra-early so as to get it all done before the testers all did their thing.

The remainder of the rollout has been put on hold as I'm being transferred over to a disaster recovery project (well, it's really a project to build a fully DR-capable replica of the existing site for deploying up in Sydney).

At this stage it's just for June, but who knows how long it'll really be?

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