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Tuesday, 12 April 2005

In the interests of timely information dissemination

This email should have gone out sooner, but it still going through the works, so to get the information out before delegates start unplugging and getting on planes and getting out of contact, here's a sneak preview:


With the conference less than a week away, we thought we should give you some
orientation information for when you get here, to help you find your way to
the Manning Clark Centre. Once you've registered, you will receive your bag
of schwag, which will include the conference handbook, which will answer any
further questions you may have.

This email contains:

* Directions to the Manning Clark Centre from all over the place
* Emergency contact telephone number
* Important note regarding delegate badges
* A reminder about the keysigning
* Current weather conditions

> Where is the Manning Clark Centre?

The MCC is building 26a, and can be found at 

How do I get to the Manning Clark Center from Burgmann College?

Burgman College is building 52 on

Walk out of the college onto Daley Road and turn left. Take the right fork
onto Sullivan's Creek Road. Keep walking. You should pass the Hancock
Library on your left and there will be a zebra crossing across Sullivan's
Creek road to a bridge over Sullivan's Creek. Walk over this bridge and
follow the path along the rear of the Chifley Library (with Fellows Oval on
your right). Take a left turn past the entrance to the Chifley Library,
keeping the A.D. Hope building to your right and you should see a ramp
leading up to the Manning Clark Center.

How do I get to the Manning Clark Center from the City (a.k.a. Civic)?

Assuming you will be entering the campus via University Avenue, walk down
the pathway keeping the Copland Building (building 24 on
http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaymap.asp?grid=ef32) on your right, until
you reach the University Union Building (building 20) and hang a right up
the ramp to the Manning Clark Centre.

How do I get to the Manning Clark Center from University House?

University House is building 1 on

Walk along Liversidge Street until you come to Ellery Crescent. Follow it to
the left, until it reaches a cul de sac outside Melville Hall (on your
left). This will lead you onto the same path beside the Copland Building
referred to in the directions from Civic above.

> Emergency telephone contact

If you get completely, utterly and hopelessly lost, ring 6125 8186 
(that's +61 2 6125 8186) and it will divert to an organiser, who will try
their best to direct you to the Manning Clark Centre.

> Delegate badges, more precious than gold

As you may have already learned, linux.conf.au has sold out quite a few
weeks before the conference. Because of venue restrictions, numbers are
strictly limited to 500. To ensure this, we will be checking delegate badges
throughout the conference. Make sure you wear yours at all times and do not
lose it. We will be charging a replacement fee of $50 to replace delegate
badges (after sighting satisfactory identification). Anyone found not
wearing a badge at the venue will be asked to leave.

Your badge is also your ticket to the conference dinner and the professional
delegates networking session (if you your registration includes these).

> Keysigning

If you are interested in taking part in the GPG keysigning party at LCA
make sure you submit your public key prior to Friday 15th. More
information and instructions on how to submit your key can be found at

> Weather

If you're wondering what to pack, currently it is a bit unseasonably warm,
with maximums in the mid to high 20 degrees (Celcius). There is rain
forecast for Friday, which may drop the temperature back a bit next week, so
you might want to bring a mixture of summer-type clothes (i.e. shorts and
t-shirt type stuff) and slightly warmer clothes (i.e. jeans).

See you soon!

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